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New Theory Pictures is a Hogan Creative Group company.


Eric Hogan

CEO, Hogan Creative Group

Eric is a creative executive who has won multiple international awards for his outstanding creative work.

An acclaimed content creator, he is driven by a desire to use the power of popular culture to create a better world.  He has a broad background that includes journalism, advertising, and filmmaking.

Eric is Co-Creator and Showrunner of the internationally acclaimed children’s television series The Gumboot Kids. His previous credits include the five seasons of documentary series Space Suite and the documentary series A Window Looking in, which featured intimate portraits of leading Canadian artists.

His award-winning issue advocacy communications has been widely commended and has moved public opinion on critical environmental, human rights and health issues.

In 2012 he received Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 Award;  he was previously a Creative Director at the New York and London based business consultancy FTI Consulting.

Don Millar

Writer, Director, Cinematographer

Don is an award-winning filmmaker who combines a passion for the visual arts with a commitment to creative excellence in story-telling.

He created the ongoing digital series ART SNAP, that explores new ideas, new forms, and new practices from artists across the globe.

Don wrote and directed Botero, a feature-length documentary about life and art of one of the world’s most recognized living artists.  The film was featured in more than 25 festivals and is currently in distribution internationally.

Don’s previous credits include the climate change documentary Oil Slick, the biopic Full Force about rugby star Harry Jones and the scripted narrative Off The Clock. Millar has written and directed dozens of high impact advocacy advertising projects for television and online release.

Don is a lens-based artist and former board member for the Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery. He previously served as a Managing Director at the New York-based business consultancy FTI Consulting.



ART SNAP is a new digital series from New Theory Pictures that explores new discoveries in the art world. Each short episode provides a glimpse into new ideas, new forms, and new practices that will inspire artists and art fans alike.

The series features an ever-expanding cast of artists and curators from across the globe, including episodes from Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, New York City, Amsterdam, and more.

The series can be found on our Instagram page or on ArtSnap.tv. View the series trailer here.


Featuring unprecedented access, the film is a behind-the-scenes chronicle of the life and art of this intensely private 88-year-old painter and sculptor. Filmed in Italy, France, Monaco, the United Sates and Colombia, this feature documentary was directed by Don Millar and produced by Eric Hogan and Joe Tucker.

Botero has been enjoyed at more than 25 international film festivals and is now being distributed internationally.  You can watch the trailer here.

Ride the Vibrations

Conceived and produced entirely during the time of Corona, Ride the Vibrations celebrates the power of multi-cultural creativity with a message of hope, love and kindness.

The film follows Dave Teplitzky – global art dealer, fashion designer and style icon – as he mentors hot young artists and designers in Europe, the United States and Asia from his lockdown at home in Thailand. Despite their circumstances, the multinational team turn tough times into exciting collaborations. Their output includes hand-painted sneakers, revitalized vintage shirts, and stunning paintings – all powered by Dave’s inspirational philosophy of “One Day One Change.”

This film is produced by New Theory Pictures and The Shinebox Creative. A documentary series based on this short film is currently in development. For more information, please contact New Theory Pictures here. You can see the trailer here.

Renegade:  The Emily Carr Story

As social issues force their way to centre stage in a globalized art market, RENEGADE will tell the story of a Canadian painter and author who brought a bold new style to capturing the wild Canadian West. From 1871 to 1945, Emily Carr charted her own course from British Columbia, to studies in the US and Europe, then back to the colonial western Canada. She lived a rebellious life as a passionate artist, largely focused on a very personal celebration of First Nations communities and the huge and rough natural world of British Columbia.

New Theory Pictures is currently in development on the production of this feature documentary.  Email Don Millar to learn more.

Rising Tide

As climate change threatens the planet, this fictional story of a big oil conspiracy has never been more relevant. Currently in development, Rising Tide follows a young blogger as he breaks an explosive story about a corrupt oil company, then quickly finds himself in the crosshairs of their corporate and para-military machine.


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